If you are thinking about stepping into the world of Reiki,following questions would be definitely on your mind for sure.We have tried to answer those questions here.

Can I Feel Reiki Energy?

Yes you can feel Reiki Energy.Heat and vibrations can be easily felt during a Reiki Session

Who Can Learn Reiki?Hope Its Not a Difficult Training Program.

Anyone can learn Reiki, it doesn’t matter how far you went in your studies.

Its quiet easy to learn.

How does Reiki Heal?

Technically speaking, Healing provides deep relaxation that triggers our natural healing capabilites and we are healed

Does Distance Healing Actually Work?

Believe us friends,it actually works.

I Am Looking For a Reiki Trainer.How Do I Choose The Right One?

This is a very simple question, Though Reiki Training is a quiet simple training program and you won’t find it difficult to learn, choose a trainer who promises to explain Reiki logically, he should take the responsibility of  teaching you Reiki fully would be better than others.

How is Reiki Related To God?

Technically speaking, Its a energy, it  belongs to helpers of God like angels etc.

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