History of Reiki and Story of 3 Great Individuals named as Dr. Mikao,Dr Hiyashi and Madam Takata.

People Behind Reiki

Whenever people talk about the History of Reiki,three individuals comes into everybodys minds.
1. Dr Mikao Usui(Inventor)

2.Dr Chujiro Hayashi(Took Reiki to a presentable format,ready to be delivered to people).
3. Mrs. Takata who actually opened a clinic,created Reiki as a brand across different countries.

1. Dr Mikao Usui(Inventor)
Dr Mikao Usui was a professor in college and a simple question was asked by his students.
How did Jesus Healed People?
It’s a simple question because God Always Heals People but Dr Mikao Usui was deeply touched the word healing and he firmly decided to learn healing so that he can help others.
Please note here that sometimes even small things can have a impact that comes in the list of biggest known impacts known on Earth.Why we should’t call it as the biggest Impact when the result of this Impact on Doctors mind re invented Healing Energy named as Reiki on this planet Earth.Even today when people are so advance that they have packed their bags to shift from earth,how many healing energies are invented by them?

Hence this was one of the biggest invention on Earth as a result of simple question that had a big big impact.Big Big Isn’t It?
Moving forward with Dr Mikao’s Story,after listening a question on Healing,Doctor travelled to a mountain named Kori Yama and he meditated and fasted for 21 days,this fasting and meditation teaches Reiki Training and Treatment seekers a very important lesson of intention.If your intentions are strong to achieve something,you are going to get it for sure and same thing happened with the most respectable doctor on Earth Doctor Mikao Usui.Though he was getting a bit frustrated on 21st Day,a spiritual energy came down over his head and there was light on his head and he was a Reiki Healer the next moment.See… his intention connected him to the energy source,energy of healing and this connection brought in the healing energy on earth.Its like a radio  tuner.He was tuned to the healing energy now.Got It?
In a few days he started healing poor people,since he started work on people now,he came up with few principles,the most important principle of Reiki Healing according to Usui Reiki Clinin is that Reiki Energy should always be given to a person who actually shows a commitment,commitment of mind where he is willing to receive energy and also pays back.Otherwise he won’t feel the importance of reiki and the energy won’t be able to do the job of healing.During Dr Mikao’s episode Reiki was re- invented and healing activites were started.

2. Dr Chujiro Hayashi(Reiki Reached To The Next Level Now)

Dr Hayashi too treated people with Reiki and opened a professional level reiki clinic where proper hand positions for maximum flow of energy to the clients and certain other modern techniques along with traditional techniques were used to provide maximum benefit to people.That clinic  remained opened till 1940 and it got famous throughout Japan.
3. Madam Takata(Women that  created a  Brand)
She was born in Japan,she got sick and decided to search a doctor in Japan for a operation,few days before operation she heard her inner voice that operation was not required and she should try other way for healing.She inquired an alternative way and reached Dr. Hayshi’s clinic where recovered fullu after regular reiki treatments.She was very happy,rather she was so happy that she requested Dr Hayashi to teach her Reiki.Now here comes the most important moral of the story which we want to share with the entire world.Since she had Reiki treatment sessions before learning Reiki,she came out with a top position on the list of Reiki Learners.She learned level 1 and level 2 and started her own clinic,she trained few people,even today Madam Takata’s trained people are still alive still and spreading the knowledge of Reiki till now.