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Most of the time people ask   our recommendation when they  call us for healing, we  recommend 11 to 21 total no of sessions,session count depends entire depends upon the nature of problem,we start with direct healing initially followed by gemstone healing and can go for   distance healing in the end.Reason to start treatment with diret healing is  that Reiki treatment with proper environment that involves relaxation,meditation,Aura/Chakra cleansing,usage of singing bowl and charged wands,symbols over infected body parts and chakras gives much better results than any other healing in the world.
Also people have experianced Reiki themself,explaining the reiki treatment,sharing tips,encouraging him to be a positive thinker proves this reiki healing better over other healings.
Also, Gemstone Healing can be added at a later stage of Direct Healing where Gemstones are placed over the body along with Direct Healing.
For more details on Gemstone Healing,click here.