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Gemstone Healing

Adding Gemstones to Reiki Treatment(Placing gemstones overclient’s  body during Reiki Treatment) boosts the flow of Reiki energy to the body and wearing charged Gemstones(Note:Gemstone Expert charges the gemstone with Reiki) as a pendant or ring would continuously release required energy..
Usui Reiki Clinic’s gemstone use gemstones during healing,when Reiki energy is first passed through gemstones before reaching body chakras,its healing properties are increased many times.

Few recommendations if you are thinking about gemstones:
1. Wear them only for few months,heal your chakras,when the specific chakra is fine,stop wearing the gemstone.
2.Don’t over spend on gemstones,when the purpose is served with few thousand Rs,Why do people spend lakhs? is hard to understand.