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About Usui Reiki Clinic

Place where people are treated and trained in Reiki,treated with Reiki such a way that they start fighting life and are strong enough to solve their problems,trained such a way that they undertand Reiki logically is named as Usui Reiki Clinic.
Problems like tension,depression,anxiety and re occuring physical problems are treated skillfully by Usui Reiki Clinic’s Masters.
Meditation,Reiki along with symbols,Aura/Chakra Cleansing,Chakra Charging,Grounding along with other secret techniques are used to treat People.
Also Usui Reiki Clinic uses different quartz a lot for treatment along with other Reiki Stones to treat people.
We teach standard Reiki Treatment techniques along with techniques that we have learnt after hard core Reiki treatment.
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